Free hosting


The main risks when ordering cheap hosting

When you first encounter the problem of choosing hosting many bribes the opportunity to place your site on a free site. This option seems affordable and acceptable in every sense. After all, your path is just beginning and you are not ready to take risks. And the free option has so many advantages and the main thing, of course, is its price, or rather its absence. But this opinion is extremely deceptive, because sooner or later you will encounter problems.

Free web hosting is extremely unreliable. Place on such a hosting site of a large company is ridiculous. After all, today he is there, and tomorrow he has a trace of him. The main users of such hosting sites are lovers that are just beginning to learn the basics of creating their own website.

Cheap hosting is not only a risk, but also a related set of problems.

Limited resources
Free hosting can not offer a large number of resources. As a rule, they are limited. And there is a high probability that the resulting megabytes will barely be enough to build a simple amateur site. However, any site is committed to development and very quickly you will realize that you have grown free hosting services and still have to choose an affordable option among the abundance of tariff plans of the best hosting providers. And you still have to regret it, because even if you move from a cheap hosting, it is a waste of time and effort, as well as your nerves.

Lack of security
Free hosting is extremely unreliable and therefore not secure. They will not be able to ensure your site is permanently online, intrusive ads will chase you everywhere, and the owners of this hosting are not responsible for the safety of the information. Therefore, if suddenly in the morning you find that the site is not active, and hosting is completely gone, do not be surprised. This was to be expected. After all, today there is free hosting, and tomorrow it may not be.

Lack of support
Faced with the problem of lack of security, do not forget that such a hosting does not have technical support either. Therefore, you will learn all the basics of the “spear” method, and if something goes wrong, then only you can help you. At best, you may find even the slightest hint of technical support. But you will be answered briefly, without much enthusiasm and hardworking, they will help you with something practical. Most likely you will encounter a complete disregard for your problem and a lack of understanding as such.

Free web hosting is a risk. And you risk your ideas, plans, and directly to your target audience. It is much easier to give preference to proven hosting companies, buy paid hosting and put some of the worries on them.