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Online Services – 5 Speed ​​Testing Services

Site download speed depends on several factors, including the time of day, the geographic location of the visitor and the speed of the network. Some parameters you can measure yourself using online services. Please note that the Internet speed provided by your home or office provider is a subjective factor.

With a good Internet, you may not notice the download of a “heavy” site, and if you have a bad connection, even a “light” site will take a long time to load. Therefore, it is recommended to check through several different online services in order to get an average rating. Such tools do not take into account the speed of your Internet provider, since site is loaded service. Those. whether you have a good Internet or not – does not affect the verification, you will see the results for the average audience of your project. – check hosting speed Service with a simple functionality that measures the speed of loading the site and gives the result in percent. In addition to measuring the speed, there are recommendations for improving the site.

Care should be taken with guidelines for optimizing images, since it implies a reduction in the resolution and color depth of the image. In the case of over-optimizing images, the appearance of the page on widescreen monitors will suffer, although you may not notice this when using the tablet and adaptive website design. – helps to measure the download speed from different points of the world
The service is capable of measuring the load time of a site from different points of the globe, therefore it is suitable for resources intended for a foreign audience.

If the site is intended for Russian users, look at the measurements from the cities of the Russian Federation. The location of the server in the same country as the project’s audience does not guarantee a quick site load, but all other things being equal, this factor works in your favor. To use the online service, you will need to specify the domain name and your email address to which the analysis results will be sent.
The service determines the host of the site, its IP address, shows the registration information about the hosting provider and the location of servers. This tool is convenient to check whether the hosting is provided by a reseller or not.

In the case of a reseller, it is rather difficult and time-consuming to solve problems with equipment, since geographically servers can be located in a country that does not coincide with the location of the office of the hosting provider.
Google Page Speed ​​Insights
This service measures page health for both desktop computers and mobile devices. The result is given on a 100-point system, in which 85 and higher means that the page works well. The estimate is based on two parameters: the total time the site was loaded and the time elapsed from the moment the page was requested by the user until the browser displayed the first screen.

The service issues offers with color priority indicators for possible improvements, which should increase the speed of site loading. If the main traffic comes from tablets and smartphones, make sure that this service gives a good estimate for mobile devices. You may have to sacrifice design elements for the sake of quickly loading the site.
For the service to work, you must specify the IP address or host name. The service allows you to determine the server’s response (ping), ping speed, trace the route to the target computer. When specifying a domain name, you can check the registration record for it in the registry. There is also a field for checking the existence of an email address.

If the download speed is low
What should I do if online services show problems loading the page? To get started, rate your site type. For example, for a large portal with primarily search traffic, the loading time of the main page is not critical, since 80% of search queries lead directly to landing pages, and the main one “weighs” a lot because of the abundance of information and advertising. At the same time, the speed of loading a single page is very important for a one-page site.

To optimize the page and increase the speed of its loading into the browser, consider the following questions:

appreciate the work of external scripts;
use browser cache;
merge external style files;
minimize DNS queries;
remove requests from static pages;
use page caching;
minimize page redirection.

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