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Errors when choosing a hosting

Choosing the right hosting is not an easy task. And almost every second user faces this problem. Faced with various kinds of difficulties, people are afraid to ask for help and, as a rule, find themselves prisoners of their own stupidity repeating the same mistakes over and over again. In order to avoid such situations it is worth considering what mistakes users make when choosing a hosting.

“Where is cheaper, there is better”
Many people think that hosting is not the most important when creating your site. Therefore, give preference to cheap options or even free hosting. Of course, the goal of this solution is the same – to minimize their costs. But few people understand that such savings may not have a positive effect on your site.

Free hosting is always a risk. To risk or not, of course, is a personal matter for everyone. But are you ready one morning to wake up and realize that everything you did for a long time just disappeared?

Hosting for which you need to pay, but the price seems just ridiculous is no better. Such hosts have limited functionality and sooner or later you will think about what would be to purchase a reliable and secure option.

It is important to initially understand what goals you set for the site and what will be necessary. To rush from one hosting to another is not the right decision.

What is the difference?”
You need to choose hosting in Ukraine carefully. At first glance it seems that everything is simple and clear. Therefore, often users prefer those companies that the first caught the eye. Beckon and various promotions and super deals. No one will deny their usefulness. But in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you must still be attentive to the choice.

You must be sure of the reliability of your hosting company. In this case, you will feel calm and confident. After all, there is obviously no difference, as it may seem. But when it comes to service and support, you will immediately realize that the difference between a good hosting company and just another reseller is great.

“Do it yourself”
Having good technical support is extremely important. Even if you are 100 percent or more sure that you will cope with any difficulties yourself, the support of highly qualified specialists is always useful. But if you come across indifference and every refusal to help you, you will immediately regret that you did not choose a better service. After all, sometimes help is simply necessary.

The lack of technical support should at least alert you. After all, a good hosting company, it works 24 hours a day, and if not by phone, then online.

“The more expensive the better” From one extreme to another. Those who believe that cheap hosting is not sure that expensive hosting is good. That’s just good or not a controversial issue. After all, first of all you should be interested not in cost, but in functionality. And too many different unnecessary services to you as bad as the lack of necessary.

The best option would be to choose a tariff that will satisfy all the needs for your site and at the same time will be optimally priced.

“Not my worries”
Of course, the hosting company takes on all the difficulties, takes care that your site is always online and there is no force majeure. However, this does not mean that you need to relax. You should always remember that first of all you should take care of the security of your site. Therefore, creating backups should become a habit. This way you will protect yourself in case of some kind of force majeure.