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Which domain is better to choose

7 correct tips on how to choose a domain
The domain zone should correspond to the region in which the promotion will take place. First, decide which country is a priority in promotion. For example, if it is Russia, then it is certainly a domain zone “.RU” and the like (“.РФ”, “.COM.RU”), if Ukraine is “.UA” and the like (“.COM.UA , .NET.UA, etc.). The fact is that now the search engines are able to distinguish regionality and, depending on the region, organize the issue. For example, if we analyze the Ukrainian issue, the Top positions will be taken by sites with the Ukrainian domain zone. Perhaps, of course, there will be other zones, but they will be in the minority (no more than 20%). Therefore, in order not to interfere with the search promotion, choose the domain zones that suit you. If your resource is focused on several countries, then it would be more correct to choose such zones as “.COM”, “.NET”, “.ORG” and similar.
Include the promoted keyword in the domain name.

If your page is promoted by any request, then try to include it in the domain name. However, if your site is Russian-speaking, and your domain can only be typed in Latin, then we advise you to use transliteration and through special services, to see how to correctly type your keyword on transliteration. If you promote to a large extent for Russia, then you can choose a domain zone in Cyrillic: “.РФ”, here you will not need a translit.
The domain name should be simple and easy to remember.

People will come to your site not only from search engines, but also directly by entering the website address independently in the browser’s address bar, so try to choose the domain as simple as possible: short, causing associations or just a beautiful combination of letters and numbers that are easily remembered.
Try to avoid complex letters in the domain name.

This also includes the dash mark, which is undesirable in the domain. For complex letters can be attributed: “Yu”, “U”, “F”, “Y” “Y”, etc. That is, those letters that are difficult to reflect in transliteration. For example, the Krasota.RU domain is memorized and read much easier than Julechka.RU.
Domain name should maximally display the site theme.

Thematic domain is the easiest to remember to visitors, and also it causes more trust in them, since it focuses specifically on the subject of interest to them, rather than the website “About Everything!”.

Tips for choosing and registering a domain
In addition, we would like to draw your attention to some of the nuances that may arise during registration.

Register your domain for real passport data. Some seek to hide their real data when registering a domain. However, I would not advise you to do this if you are going to make an SDL in which you will invest a lot of time and money. Otherwise, if problems arise, you can never prove that this is really your domain.

Do not chase the low price of domains. “Miserly pays twice!” – Do not forget about this expression when registering domains. The fact is that it is better not to chase the price, but to buy a domain from verified organizations.

Before buying study the history of the domain. Some domains have a history in the web archive, so do not be lazy to study it, perhaps you will learn a lot of unpleasant details about this domain name.

It is better to choose a hosting and domain separately (buy from different companies). I do not advise buying domains from a hosting, as when changing hosting there may be some minor problems that will have to be solved. Yes, and, as a rule, with the prices of the hosting companies are often deceived. For example, buying a hosting service, you get a domain for free, but within a year you will have to pay a price twice as high as from another registrar. Be carefull!