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Colocation is a service for hosting your personal physical server in our data center in Kiev. Our company provides you with the service of placing your physical server in two data centers. This is a data center “Ukrtelecom” and data center “LUCKY NO.”

Сolocation service is the placement of a server in the data center and its connection to a high-speed Internet channel. The word “colocation” in translation from English means co-placement, or in another sense, the general management or use of something.

Placing your own dedicated server with a 1 Gbit / s connection port is the best option for those who need high requirements for reliability, high bandwidth and plasticity of developing projects.

The use of backup communication channels and comfortable localization of servers in the data center of our company, a wide range of structures, tariff packages and software installed on your server, the ability to rent a server with incomplete or complete control of stable operation, as well as many other additional services, give The necessary maximum efficient and comfortable use of the dedicated server rental service in our data center in Kiev.

Сolocation service is the rent of a separate server with Internet connection, reliable power supply and a wide choice of special services. Using a dedicated server allows you to maximize the ability to verify the operation of websites, while giving you maximum flexibility for your Internet projects. This is the best option for those who want to achieve the highest throughput and safety of their equipment.

Our data centers in Kiev are provided with the best server operating conditions:

        – Broadband communication channels with a capacity of 1 Gbit / s;

        – Reliable (redundant) power supply, which guarantees the permanent operation of your server;

        – Ensuring an optimal climate (temperature, humidity);

        – 24-hour security racks with servers;

        – Round-the-clock evaluation to ensure high-quality and trouble-free operation of your servers;

        – Organization of convenient remote access to equipment (KVM).

The colocation service allows you to host any server software. Since you are installing your server in our data center, no limits are imposed on software and hardware. The colocation service is designed not only for serious corporate clients and large-scale Internet projects, but also for businesses and individuals who wish to place their equipment in a modern and reliable data center in Kiev and get the maximum efficiency of their website.

There are many things to consider when deciding on a colocation distribution for your business. Cost, practicality, and level of control is in your hands. Localization of your server in our data center can be an excellent alternative for web hosting, depending on your needs and the desired result from your project.

Our data centers will provide you with the best conditions for colocation-placement and maintenance of your physical servers.

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