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Month: April 2019

How much RAM is needed for a site on popular CMS

For an online store based on the WordPress platform, 64 MB of RAM is surely enough. With an increase in attendance of more than 2-3 thousand visitors per day may increase the download speed of the site. So, if the site is visited daily by 5-6 thousand unique visitors, you will need twice the amount […]

Online Services – 5 Speed ​​Testing Services

Site download speed depends on several factors, including the time of day, the geographic location of the visitor and the speed of the network. Some parameters you can measure yourself using online services. Please note that the Internet speed provided by your home or office provider is a subjective factor. With a good Internet, you […]


Colocation is a service for hosting your personal physical server in our data center in Kiev. Our company provides you with the service of placing your physical server in two data centers. This is a data center “Ukrtelecom” and data center “LUCKY NO.” Сolocation service is the placement of a server in the data center […]

SSL data protection

Who owns the information, he owns the world “, – the phrase, for 200 years now, not losing relevance. And especially acute today, in times of widespread and rapidly developing Internet business, is the question of protecting the very notorious “means of power.” After all, it is often difficult to protect material assets from embezzlement, […]

FTP protocol

Every person who owns a website almost always faces such problems as: downloading files, images, documents, etc. In such cases, the hosting company can offer options to overcome such problems. Here you may encounter such a thing as “FTP”. What FTP is, what FTP is for, and how it is used wherever you can find […]

FTP Summary

I wonder who doesn’t have such a miracle of technology as a laptop, PC or, at worst, an old computer? Probably, we no longer imagine our life without keys, social networks, browsing or developing various websites and programs, and, of course, the Internet. And you are aware of the principle of operation of the Internet, and in general, how and to […]

SSL – what is it

Today, the issue of security on the Internet is a priority. Every day e-commerce is developing, more and more services are provided on the Internet. To obtain some services, users must provide their personal data, which can not but scare some of them. Everyone knows about the possible risk of interception of personal and secret data, and for normal work on the Internet you need to take care of the security of data transmission.  SSL data transfer protocol is a cryptographic protocol that protects data transmission on the Internet. Often it is […]

Transfer website from Denver to hosting

Hello! I have not written here for a long time. I will try to write more often. Later I will devote more time to articles on earnings in the Internet. And now, as promised, an article about how to move a site from localhost to hosting.  About what Denver is and how to use it, […]